This campaign is organised by Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad, benefiting The Lost Food Project, in conjunction with MYGiving week. Employees of Prudential are encouraged to donate and drop off the following items at the respective department donation corner:

  1. Rice, Noodle & Mee Hoon
  2. Milk Products (UHT Milk, Milo, Coffee & Tea)
  3. Herbs & Spices (Curry Powder & other spices)
  4. Cooking Essentials (Salt, Cooking Oil, Flour, Sugar)
  5. Cans/Tins (Sardines, Salted Fish, Sweetcorn, Fruit, Green Peas, Chickpeas, Tuna etc)
  6. Pasta & Legumes (Pasta, Dahl, Lentil)
    *Halal and at least 6 months from expiry date food items only.

This food drive is open to Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad staff only.

Click here if you are not a staff but you would like to donate food items as well.

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