There are only two weeks worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) supply left to be distributed to all hospitals in Malaysia, the country’s Ministry of Health said on Monday, Apr 13! 

Please help! Everything we do will make a difference.
The correct protective gears will help save lives of our Frontliners and help reduce the spread of the virus.
I am fundraising for the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) to help the MRCS purchase materials needed to produce Personal Protective Equipment/Clothing that is distributed to our Frontliners and Healthcare workers at hospitals across Malaysia.     
MRCS is working with partners and NGOs to drive a nation-wide effort to optimize and distribute critical equipment/ supplies to those who really need it in the fastest possible way.  

MRCS has already produced more than 1600 gowns and 5800 head and leg covers. Now they are sourcing for materials to do more.  

The estimated costs for a set is: ·      

  • Head cover – RM4/piece 
  • Isolation gown – RM9/piece
  • Leg cover – RM3/piece

My target is to raise RM20,000 – to help the MRCS distribute 1,200 sets to our brave men and women Frontliners.

Thank you! Stay home & stay healthy!

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