NOURISH is a non-profit organization focused on supporting under-privileged students through their education institutions.

The aid we provide is intended to keep them focused at school, with the hope that they will become successful upon graduating and later contribute towards the betterment of their communities.

Why Nourish?

Nourish believes that education is the best way to break the cycle of poverty. But when these students are hungry, in addition to the lack of food at home, the students lose focus and concentrate less in class. Hence, we worked closely with the teachers of the selected schools to identify the most promising under-privileged students and we would then sponsor his/her family with a food bag every month in exchange for their attendance in school. The food bag is designed with a dietician to include all the necessary grain, protein and dairy such as rice, eggs, flour, milk powder, milo, anchovies etc that all homes with children should be able to afford. We also educate the families to use the provided recyclable bags when they collect the items so it is better for the environment.

For more info on our organization, visit our website www.nourishmalaysia.com, our Facebook page ‘Nourish Malaysia’ and Instagram @nourishmalaysia.

Volunteer Details

We require volunteers to help us raise awareness and videograph the distribution efforts of Nourish in KL and Sabah. If you have the necessary video equipment and editing skills, we would like to invite you to join us for a briefing at our office in GLO Damansara on Wednesday 4 December 2019 at 11.30am where we will brief you and discuss the videography needed.

Email us at admin@nourishmalaysia.com now!

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