I am ayu majid, I am from Gua Musang kelantan. I volunteer myself to help my community by
building the toilets in my village.

The issue is about having no toilets in the village and many of the villages use to go to the
river everyday even now they are still doing the same routine .when the rain comes
sometimes it is dangerous to use the river and also not clean at all, and also some of them
use to go to the jungle and i can’t imagine going at night to the jungle as well it is more
challenging for them. I am very pity with those pregnant women it is so dangerous for them
to go to the river everyday sometimes the road is not good it is slippery it can cause injury
and risk themselves.

For me through this campaign of building the toilets and bathroom in the village is the best
and good way for them it will help them a lot and can reduce their problems of going to the
river and the jungle everyday. Occasionally there are visitors coming to that village and for
outside people i understand it’s hard for them to be in this situation because they stay in
different environment, so according to my thought this is a good campaign to help my
community and others as well.

It will give the villages good impacts ( not to poop everywhere and not to dirt the river)
it will provide them a good toilet and a safe place to use .
Goal Breakdown
● Goal 1 – toilet’s bowls and zinc roof. Amount Needed: MYR2,000.00
● Goal 2 – cement, wood decks and bricks. Amount Needed: MYR2,500.00
● Goal 3 – food for the workers. Amount Needed: MYR500.00

We appreciate your donation and kindness because we really need it.



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