Did you know microplastics are nearly impossible to avoid, hiding in household dust, inside toys our kids use and seeping into shampoo, cosmetics or countless other products we use daily? What many people don’t realise is that it goes beyond just using plastic – we’re ingesting it too.

Plastic is used to make thousands of single-use items, from grocery bags to forks and food packaging. Microplastics can also be found in almost everything we consume or use daily.

With stomachs stuffed full of plastic, many animals have starved to death as it diminishes their urge to eat while stunting their growth and reproductive output.

Say NO to single-use plastic! And be a VOICE for our planet.

Greenpeace Malaysia is calling on corporations and governments to step up with a policy banning single-use plastic packaging. Join the movement TODAY

Click Here > http://bit.ly/Greenpeace_Malaysia


Support us financially by Donating or Fundraising on our SimplyGiving page here: https://www.simplygiving.com/event/saynotoplastic

Follow the simple steps on the link above, to create a fundraising page for yourself which can be shared with anyone you want. In this way, you would be able to multiply your support to Greenpeace Malaysia, by connecting more like-minded people to the mission.


Greenpeace wants Malaysia and other member states of ASEAN to declare an immediate ban on all imports of plastic waste, and establish a regional policy to massively reduce the production of single-use plastic packaging, and facilitate innovation on reusable packaging.

We need people like you to help be the voice behind Greenpeace to help us raise funds or make a donation for us to take immediate action.

Your donation can help to investigate, campaign, document and lobby for a sustainable balance between humans and the environment.

All changes start with you. Fundraise for Greenpeace or Donate today for a sustainable future.  

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