Ching Yu MYGiving

“Giving makes me feel fulfilled knowing that I’ve been able to contribute to areas that are meaningful and purposeful to me through organisations that I can trust to utilise the money efficiently towards long-term self-sustaining projects that makes a real difference.

I’ve donated to UNICEF Malaysia, WWF Malaysia and H Giving.

UNICEF Malaysia – Supporting education for children in the rural areas of Malaysia because I believe education is the best investment for a child to build their future upon and to establish the foundations to take control of their destiny.

WWF Malaysia – Supporting conservation efforts of our wildlife and forests, because I believe that the rich biodiversity we have in our nature especially here in Malaysia is important to maintain and sustain for our planet, because it holds many secrets that has yet to be uncovered and are waiting to be discovered that will contribute towards a better understanding of nature, ourselves, and also the potential to nudge us towards scientific breakthroughs for the betterment of humanity and beyond ourselves. I also contribute to the WWF because I love cute animals.

H Giving – Supporting my business partner’s efforts in giving a home, education, and safety to over 64 orphaned children in Kenya so that they have a better fighting chance for their future.” – Tan Ching Yu

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