My name is Abdul Rahman Altahan. I am a 20 year old refugee from Syria. Before coming to
Malaysia, my family and I were living in refugee camps in Lebanon. I could not finish
secondary school as I was forced to work to support my family, but I attended programs and
classes held by the UNHCR whenever I could. When Malaysia opened its doors under the
Mahar Program for Syrian refugees to enter the country, my family was interviewed and
qualified to be sent to live here.
I came to Malaysia 2 years ago with my family, but since I did not have an official UNHCR
refugee card, I could not continue my studies in Malaysia or gain formal employment. Instead
I worked as manual labour renovating restaurants and shops to provide for my family of 5.
On September 8, 2018, as I was on the way home from work, I was met with an accident in
the Bukit Bintang area. A car ran over my leg, which left me with an open wound and
fracture on my right tibia and fibula. I was admitted to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital on the 10th
of September for immediate surgery, and I have had 2 subsequent surgeries over the course
of two months to correct the compound fracture. Unfortunately, now parts of my bones are
growing in the wrong direction.
The frequent hospital visits have put a financial strain on my family and I. I still experience
pain sporadically as a result of the injury, and I am unable to walk on my own. As I have been
confined to a wheelchair for the past year, I have been unable to support my family like I used

I am now under the observation of Dr. Zubeir Mohamed Al Fayyadh at the University of
Malaya Specialist Centre. The next step towards my full recovery is a fourth bone
transportation surgery. However, I will need an additional RM 25,000 for surgical fees, including doctor’s fees and charges. As I am unable to raise the funds on my own, I am
asking for your kind donations to cover the cost of my final surgery.

This financial aid would really be a huge help for me. It will give me the light of hope after the
depression I have been through from being unable to move and carry out my basic daily
routines. My only aim is to be able to stand up alone and be able to walk without falling
and/or wait for people to help me to stand. If given the means to go through with the
surgery, I will start to heal and support my family again like I used to, especially at such tough
times in life where they need me most. Hopefully, if everything goes well and get the surgery
done, I will get back to work and strive to achieve my dreams and be a productive person
who can give back to the community.

Goal Breakdown
● Goal 1 – Surgical fees including doctor’s fees and charges. Amount Needed:

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