Rumah Bakti Datuk Harun is an orphanage established in 1977 by our late grandfather Datuk Harun idris and our grandmother Datin Seri Salmah who is currently very ill and is bed riddden. This is why this charity is something close to our hearts! It is something that our late grandfather established and to which our family has also continued to support and finance over these past years! Every year we hold a buka puasa  for them on the day they Qatam Quran for Ramadhan. This year we aren’t able to do this.
However we can’t do it alone! Rumah Bakti supports around 100 orphans from a young age Right up to a university education. Our orphans range from 8-17 year olds both male and females.
Due to the corona pandemic the donations to the orphans have lessen. This year the orphanage are not receiving enough funds due to the pandemic!  We must not forget about the orphans living in our country. They too need our help! We would love if we could reach our goal to raise 50-100k thousand ringgit for these orphans! May god bless your kindness and generosity.

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