Thanks to your overwhelming support, we are expanding our campaign to cover another three Orang Asal kampungs (villages) within the same area. We are now working very hard to fundraise RM8000 to help the residents of Kampung Gesau AND Kampung Pos Bersih 1, 2, and 3.
Although it is an ambitious target, with your help, we believe we can make it happen. Continue to donate and share our campaign to support the Orang Asal community in Perak.
30th April 2020
The Orang Asal community of Sungai Y, Ulu Slim, Perak needs your help! Extensions of the MCO due to COVID-19 disrupted the rural economy, and now the Orang Asal are struggling to sustain their standards of living.

Inspired by the social cohesion enjoyed by the multireligious indigenous community, MRA Siswa invites Malaysians to partake in a charitable act this month of giving.

Help us fundraise a minimum of RM2000 to help the Orang Asli. Every RM100 will buy us a food pack per family.

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