Pusat Jagaan & Latihan Insan Istimewa (IMC) are a charity who dream to see independence in
each and every person with special needs. Too often in society, those with special needs are
judged on their disability not their capability.
One factor that negatively affects disabled people in Malaysia is their lack of opportunities. Access
to universities and school for young people with disability remains low. Opportunities to take part
in fun activities outside of school are practically non-existent.
Disabled people have the right to equal opportunity, to be confident in society and to live a
meaningful life. But too often in Malaysia, this right is not a reality.
IMC wants to change this.

Through IMC’s provision of academic, lifestyle training, physiotherapy and sports development for
the disabled community, they give those with special needs the freedom and equality they truly
IMC take pride in their annual events. The Let’s Play Sports Carnival and Futsal Championship for
the Blind, Cerebral Palsy and the Intellectually Disabled allow those with special needs to enjoy
many fun activities that would otherwise not be possible. IMC currently provide service for over 70
students from a wide range of disabilities and backgrounds.
We have tirelessly put in our hearts and minds to provide this wonderful service. We have
dreamed of serving even more disadvantaged people but are all too often restricted by lack of
That is why we seek your kind consideration to support IMC to buy two new vehicles to reach and
transport even more disabled people from all over the Klang Valley.

Two new vans will transport hundreds of disabled people over the Klang valley in years to come.
These vans will help sustain IMC’s vital projects for the foreseeable future.
Being able to access IMC’s activities can change the life of a person with special needs
dramatically, allowing them to develop their skills and experience life like every other member of
If you care about the rights of disabled people in Malaysia, please donate what you can today! IMC
needs your help to make their dream of providing equal opportunities to the disabled a reality.

Thank you.

Goal Breakdown
● Goal 1 – Van. Amount Needed: MYR50,000.00
● Goal 2 – Van. Amount Needed: MYR50,000.00

Please donate now to allow disabled people the freedom of movement they truly deserve!



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