Hi there,
My name is Xharene Angellav Ongko, I am representing our social enterprise “Happy and Lovely Kids Therapy Centre PLT (HaLoKids)”.
HaLoKids Therapy centre is therapy centre who provide EIP (Early Intervention Program ) for children with special needs. We set up this centre under social enterprise with a mission to provide affordable therapy centre for children with special needs in Kepong, Sungai Buloh, Damansara and nearby location. As we all known that EIP fee charged by normal commercial centre will be at range RM 1,800 – RM 6,000/ month, here we only charge RM 900/mth for those who enrol 5 days a week program and RM 700/mth for those who enroll 3 days a week program.
Somehow we do provide subsidy to some family who still not affordable to reach our standard price. Our subsidy is in term discount up to 30% of our monthly fees, and it is based on the family household income.
Apparently we are subsidizing 3 kids, and our subsidize fund actually using our personal funds.
Therefore we are looking for some support to make sure we can continue our this project.
We set up this project since Feb 2018 and with 2 kids. This month on words we have 11 kids, but from the revenue we received and expenses that we need to bear we still not able to meet our break even point. Every month we still have to struggle to pay for our expenses.
We hope we can get some support in term in “Volunteers ” and also “Fundraising opportunities” from your side.
I will be very happy if that is a chance we can sit down to discuss further.

Xharene Ong

This family stay at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. They have 5 children, their eldest son , Tio was diagnosed with ADD & ASD.

The 3rd one was also diagnosed with Severe Autism with Global Development Delay and visual impair.
The other 3 children are normal and now study at year 1, kindy 4 and 3y yet start kindy.
Their father only work as security where mom is housewife as needed to take care of all the children.
Hope you can help them with small donations.

They can use the money to repair the old van, so that the father can use the van to do extra work to earn more income for the family.
And the fund can help for the special need children for therapy.

Help a family to have a better life.
To help the special needs child to able to access to therapy.



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