Join Qila and her housemates in this #FastFashion4Donation campaign to promote sustainability and reduce waste in the Fashion industry!

Date: December 3rd 2019 – December 8th 2019

How to join:
1. De-clutter your wardrobe and put away unwanted/unused clothes (make sure the clothes are in good condition)
2. Wash, dry and fold the clothes neatly and put them in a box.
3. Snap a picture, post it on Instagram story. Tag @mygivingasia, @qieps with the hashtag #FastFashion4Donation
4. Give them away to charity/local orphanage around OR sell them and donate for good causes.

If you wish to bring this campaign to your community, contact Qila at abmfrzq@gmail.com or @qieps on Instagram.

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