FV for Covid19 Support fund

As we self-isolate with the rest of world, it didn’t feel right that we just do that when our healthcare system needs our support. More cases are rising and this is our chance to help get our hospitals as ready as possible to combat COVID19 and save lives. We hope you will help us with this cause and donate any amount to help others around us. We are stronger together!

Funds raised here will be used to:
1. Mobilize volunteers to assist at health facilities.
2. Assist hospitalised/quarantined friends and frontliners.3. Provide medical and general supplies to hospitals


IMARET (IMAM Response & Relief Team) is a team powered by Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) that provides humanitarian aid reliefs in response to any natural or man made disasters as well as outreach programs to marginalized communities in non- disastrous regions, locally and internationally.

Check out their efforts at:
Web: http://bit.ly/IMARETCovid
FB: https://www.facebook.com/imamresponseandrelief/
IG: imaret_my

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