Donate/Fundraise to support Global Peace Foundation Malaysia help the Orang Asli weather the coming monsoon.

The Orang Asli (indigenous people of Peninsular Malaysia) traditionally build their homes from the resources available locally; bamboo, palm leaves, wood. But as forests are cleared, it becomes increasingly difficult for the Orang Asli to build and repair their homes.

The Issues

  • Traditional thatched roofs are becoming harder to replace as forest resources deplete
  • The Orang Asli then resort to using scavenged tarpaulin, roadside banners, and plastic sacks to patch their roofs
  • During the monsoon season, the roofs leak and cause damage to their entire home

The Solution

  • Provide an 8-foot piece of zinc roofing for only RM20
  • Provide an entire roof for a family for only RM1,200
  • Provide roofs for an entire village of 10 houses for only RM12,000

The Impact

  • Damage to homes caused by monsoon rains will be greatly reduced
  • Time spent on sourcing for roofing material can be spent instead on income-generating activities
  • Families will have peace of mind knowing they are safe
  • Zinc roofing can be utilised for rainwater harvesting, presenting an alternative water source for water-scarce villages

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