Donate Your Garments @ eziPOD

Starting 1 October 2019, smart locker Malaysian startup, eziPOD, will help you donate your pre-loved clothes! Life Line Clothing Malaysia will process your clothes and proceeds will be donated to MAKNA and RCOMM Lestari.

Follow these simple steps to donate your garments @ eziPOD:

  1. Download the eziPOD app on Apple Store or Google Play and sign up.
  2. Find the nearest eziPOD locker in your neighbourhood.
  3. Select “Drop Off”.
  4. Select “Donate for Charity”.
  5. Scan QR code generated at the locker scanner.
  6. Drop off your pre-loved clothes.

Or watch this video to learn how.

For more information, contact Jia Jun at 014-3844012.

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