Our Children’s Story

Many of these children came to BRCR as young as 3, and such children of all ages need a lot of care and educational support via salaried childcare officers, to guide them towards becoming the best they could be. They too have aspirations like any other child and some are already achieving recognition in school and beyond, thanks to BRCR’s social services.

Two sisters aged 11 and 9 – abandoned siblings, where they found a home at BRCR after moving in and out of many foster homes. They are currently registered in school and both of them have scored the ‘Top Student in class’ with their outstanding academic results in the year 2018. Their ambition is to become a lawyer and a doctor.

2 siblings aged 10 and 11 – Street kids who often hung around Chow Kit Road cyber cafe until 1 a.m. Their mother has 11 children from age 5 to 23 years and none of them were sent to school. The boy in our home was born with a cleft palate. A series of operations were carried out on him by a Rotarian doctor (costing around RM35k).

4 siblings aged 2 to 7 – family with a drug addict father. They were referred to us by a local DAP member.

How can you help?

BRCR is a long-term humanitarian mission – it is committed to support its children until university and even beyond. Hence, we appeal to you for long-term support for us to help innocent children to have a second chance in life.

Alternately, we appreciate every monetary and in-kind donation. We have a monthly deduction via debit or credit card from as low as RM15, a one-off donation in any amount (tax-exempt is RM500 and above) and an on-going campaign called Sponsor a Child. The average cost of raising a child in our home is RM9,600 but we made the campaign affordable for donors which costs RM4,800.

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We sincerely thank you for your support!

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