Hikayat Hidup Kami (HHK) project is a project that focus on the issues regarding mental health. Under HHK Projects, there are two movement involves which are Kuching Support Group For The Neuroatypicals (SupportKu) and Malaysian Mental Health Independent Activist (MyMINDA). SupportKu is a support group base in Kuching, Sarawak which focus on developing members which consist of psychiatry patients in volunteerism and soft skills which they will use to help them to empower community around them. While MyMINDA focusing on spreading awareness regarding mental health issues on social media. 


Our management is in need of funds to make sure our support group operation work smoothly. Management fund including technical equipment (paper, printing service, stationery, venue, etc) and allowance for our management clerks.


By having enough funds for our management, we can ensure our group session with the psychiatry patient to run smoothly and help to increase the effectiveness of the support group sessions. We are fundraising to create a safe environment for our members to share and get support for their mental condition. An optimum is necessary as it can affect the outcome of the session. The funds will be used for technical expenses like stationery, workshop materials, logistics, session expenses like venue fees and refreshments, and also for volunteer emergency funding such as transportation and speaker.


An effective support group session will ensure the development of the psychiatric patient involve and can help them to engage in the community.

Goal Breakdown
● Goal 1 – Management fund first 1/3 of the year.. Amount Needed: MYR2,000.00
● Goal 2 – Management fund second 1/3 of the year.. Amount Needed: MYR2,000.00
● Goal 3 – Management fund third 1/3 of the year. . Amount Needed: MYR2,000.00

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