The SOLS Academy of Innovation (SOLS.ai) is a free, 12-month education and boarding programme designed to provide a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity to young, underprivileged Malaysians, especially those of the urban poor, rural and indigenous communities.


Our Academy has been running in its current location for the past seven years. The kitchen that was built has deteriorated through time and is in desperate need of a revamp. The kitchen is not designed for efficiency, has waterproofing issues, feels stuffy and has unused donated equipment that are not able to cope with the large amount of food that needs to be prepared daily.

Our kitchen is used to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. It is a very important hub that allows us to provide food for more than 100 students and teachers for free. The sponsored meals are the reason that many students are able to study and live with us, as it reduces the heavy financial burden on their families.

Our bright and capable students come from mostly Orang Asli and Orang Asal backgrounds as well as Indian, Malay and Chinese families. Most of them come from very far away and need to be provided with a safe environment to study, sleep and eat.

We need a kitchen we can depend on. We require your help for a kitchen that is clean, organised, suitably equipped to ensure our students and team are able to focus on what is most important –changing their lives through education.


We have been in touch with contractors and kitchen designers who have generously donated their time to come up with a plan for the kitchen. The kitchen needs to get waterproofing, new tiling and equipment as well as a new layout, not to mention, a budget for training our kitchen supervisors and leaders.

Through this we can ensure the students will be able to have consistent, quality food. This will also greatly help in reducing the time needed to cook so that we can minimize student involvement and increase our overall efficiency.

Every cent will be used to improve the students’ experience at the Academy to ensure that they go on to create a bright future for themselves, their families and the wider community.


The most important human survival need: the ability to provide healthy food in a clean environment.

This campaign would lift not only the spirits of the students and the Academy, but its impact would be felt multiple times a day as it is truly one of the key pillars in allowing our students to study with us when they are far from home. More than 100 Malaysian students and teachers would benefit from getting this new kitchen, generously provided by you.

Goal Breakdown
Goal 1 – Kitchen Equipment. Amount Needed: MYR37,625.70
Goal 2 – Installation, Delivery, Commissioning, and Training. Amount Needed: MYR6,417.10
Goal 3 – Renovation Cost. Amount Needed: MYR13,689.80

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