I am Jeprin Rasdu, a tombonuo tribe youth from Paitan, Sabah. The purpose of this project is to
help the community especially the kids and youths by giving extra English lessons for free. I want
to help them to improve their life and out from the poverty. Thank you for supporting me!

The poor condition of a classroom with the broken floor, wall, and roof also sometimes the wet
floor cause 40 students lost their opportunity to get an extra English class. This classroom is the
only place where they can study and improve their English language skills after school hours.
However, with the poor condition of the class, they are no longer can spend their after school
time there. These students come from the age range of 7 to 12 years and living in a rural area
called Paitan. It is also difficult for them to go to the school when it comes to monsoon season, as
the raining weather will make it unsafe for taking the boat to the school. Most of the kids are
coming from a poor family and they are relying on education to improve themselves and to
become successful. The classroom that they have in their village brings light and hope for them,
as they can study even-though they could not go to school because of the weather condition.
But, if the only space that gives them hope and allows them to be comfortable while getting
knowledge is not in good condition, it will break their motivation to strive for success. That is why I
created this campaign. I want to help these kids to have a better classroom near their house so
that they can study and gain new knowledge. There should not be any obstacles for them to get a
better classroom even though they could not attend school. They should not be left behind.

All they want is a better classroom for them to learn English. They only want a place with a dry
floor so that they still can study even though it is raining. They only want a place with a fixed roof
to prevent the rain from fall in their classroom. They also only want a better classroom with
materials that can help them do the activities. That is why this campaign is created. The goal for this campaign is only to get enough funds to fix and improve their classroom for them to learn
English and make revisions after school hour period. Every child and youth should have the
opportunity to draw their own future in a way that leads to the right path of their life. The cost
needed is RM 8000.00 to fix and improve the classrooms to the kids in this community. All the
funds will be used to cover the expenses in buying the materials needed for classrooms such as
A4’s paper, pen, pencil, table, plywood, whiteboard, stationeries, books, class decorations and

This campaign will bring light and new hope for the kids to keep striving for their success. The
reality of living in a rural area and far from the school and also can not attend the school because
of the safety issue will not become an obstacle anymore to them. They can go to this classroom
and learn there. Not only these 40 kids will get benefits from this classroom, but all the children
and youths in this village can use the class together while learning and developing themselves to
become a better person. To serve kids in the community gives a wonderful experience to me as I
will watch them grow their self-potential. Education is the most powerful tool to be free from
poverty and improve your life. Through this class, learning English can help them to be more
confidence and ability to speak and understand English. More than 40 students are actually want
to participate in this class, however, they could not as the place is not comfortable and not
enough space for everyone. We hope we can get more than 100 students to join the class once
the classroom is ready and good to use.

Give them the opportunity to learn in a conducive classroom!



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