I am Jeprin Rasdu, a tombonuo tribe youth from Paitan, Sabah. The purpose of this project is to
help the community especially the kids and youths by giving extra English lessons for free. I want
to help them to improve their life and out from the poverty. Thank you for supporting me!

Residents living in Sabah (particularly in Samapan, Puru Batu, Kompit, Sumingar, and Lakang
Paitan) face unsanitary water supply problems as a consequence of irresponsible companies in
the area. The population suffers from health problems because the water they use for cooking
and drinking is not clean. Moreover, 80% of the community here, such as Lakang Paitan, do not
have electricity. And only a few people can afford a generator. Because of this issue, most of the
children cannot study in the evening. I am one of the people living in this area, dealing with the
lack of clean water and no electricity. These two problems made me wonder, what can I do now
to make a change? I want to find a solution so that the children, the next generation can have
more opportunities and shape their own future.

The villagers rely heavily on donors to sponsor intervention costs for the village to get a clean
water supply and free electricity access-points for all the villages. Therefore, the goal of this
campaign is to raise enough funds to accommodate water tanks and a sufficient electrical supply.
The water tanks will help the community to reduce their burden, and improve the health of the
community, this will have a huge immediate effect on the population. It will bring great relieve for
the villagers to have access to clean water without additional costs or pay-back schemes to any
company. For electrical supply, we want to install solar energy systems in the area, there are
several communal buildings where we can install them. This way the children can use it in the
evening for their studying.

The budget cost for implementing the project is RM 49,840.

For Solar Energy Power:

For Pipe Gravity System Power:

This project will have a great impact in 5 villages in Sabah – Samapan, Puru Batu, Kompit,
Sumingar, and Lakang Paitan. That (1) the villagers here will be able to have clean water and good
health from gravitational water pumps, and (2) they will have access to free electricity by solar
energy. In this way, we can help the community to ease their burden. The water pump and the
free electricity installations are to be used for a long-term and will benefit the people for many
years. Every home will have access to clean water and the people are less likely to become sick.
With your care and donation we can transform lives and shape the future of the entire



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